Fame, Fortune, and Whole Lotta Rocking! The Etsy Wildpen film is out!



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Accurate Always, the backer of the parrots of WildPen, is offering something amazing for us all! See http://blogs.accuratealways.com/wildpen/press.html for more informaton about how you can make $500-10,000 by making a few phone calls. The best part?? The rescues supported by WildPen get a matching donation of $500-10,000!!! Whoot!!



Sunny and FlaxMan's Work Ethic Was Formed Early

I'm sure that they would have liked to have had fries with that, even if it meant wearing a hair net to work, but instead they worked at the WildPen creative content site.

See Sunny and See FlaxMan there. FlaxMan has a tasteful, self authored, musical number on the site too.

Parrot Run, Ocean Approved

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Kate, the human here supporting the three parrots which run the show. They have their own blog, twitter account and an Etsy shop. That keeps the four of us busy. 

This all started last year when I decided Sunny, FlaxMan and Hope, the cockatoo head honchos, needed something to do. They see me mostly working at my computer so I let them "work" last fall, by helping me buy people's holiday gifts on Etsy. They loved it. Then it occurred to me: Putting together a shop for them would get them off my back and be something they'd really enjoy. Bingo! WildPen was born. Now the birdos are busy making things, provisioning supplies and scoring some cash, which they use to buy toys, meals out and presents for friends.

WildPen has done wonders for their self-esteem and I am so grateful for all the wonderful customers we've had. All of my birds are from rescues and having WildPen has greatly reduced screaming, feather plucking and self-destructive behavior, and overall, just improved their health and happiness. They now have a job to do and something to be proud of. And, of course, I am very proud of them. :)

But, the real cool thing is that my parrots are little style-makers and deliver a quality product. Finding the shells, glass and sourcing the materials, used in most pieces, delights my littlest umbrella cockatoo, Sunny. It also gets us out of the office and on the beach, so it's a miracle in itself.

She finds the abalone seashells and sea glass when we do our hikes to a hidden beach right by Mavericks surf spot. FlaxMan, my oldest cockatoo, selects beads and approves arrangements. Hope, our youngest (yet huger-than-huge) glamorous mollucan cockatoo, is still learning the ropes and playing in the mud masks. Yes, there is avian testing.

All of the items in the WildPen Etsy shop have been assembled, selected, or found by an (almost) all cockatoo team. They are totally one-of-a-kind.

An amount equal to or greater than 100% of the Net Proceeds goes directly to parrot rescues. My guys came from one and this is our way to give back.



shhh... parrot startup is hatching

more soon.

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