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Uh, Hello... a Call Center is Only as Good as its CSRs

Aug 14


In the wake of the Comcast customer service call debacle, one must tip their hat to those that are really getting it right. This message was recently left for a call recording solution provider by some wild and wacky contact center agents. We’re not naming names and numbers here but oy vey. Give it a listen.

Ironically, the Voxida call recording and quality assurance solutions, sold by the very company that these agents called, could have helped their supervisors prevent this sort of thing. An ounce of training is worth a pound of "oops."

Her Life's Work? To Inspire. RIP Avis, 86 Year Old Queen of Vertical Caving

Jul 14


A dear family friend passed away a few days ago and it got me thinking about our real work as female leaders in our corporations and communities. The following short clip shows two record breakers: Avis and a 9 year old girl, who was her caving partner. (Wow, right?!) If anyone ever doubts where we stand, how we can move into and climb out of challenging spaces, and what an everyday legacy we create, call on Avis. I am humbled and grateful for such a role model.

How My Three Year Old Became COO -- and Why it Rocked.

Jan 14


Being a working mom is hard. And unbelievably awesome.

I cofounded a call recording tech firm ten years ago, mentor startups, moonlight as a photographer and never, ever, ever hit the gym. It’s all a trade-off but I find that being able to delegate is key. The absolute best days that I have are when I just stop being point. And my three year old agrees.

We just got back from a Mom and That Dude’s Excellent Adventure for the day where I simply let the short guy decide what we’d be doing, where and how long. We hit the beach, hiked the bluffs, slurped suckers and carrot juice for lunch, leap-frogged pumpkins, chased bees, looked for wild animal poop, danced to an outdoor band, went to a goat farm and almost passed out from eating too much artichoke bread. I’ll be catching up on work tonight so Monday isn’t a total terror but I already know that it will be a heck of a lot better than it would have been if I just played it safe this Sunday and avoided having to scrub some unidentified sticky substance from my hair.

Keith Ferrazzi recently took a group of Valley CEOs to Burning Man. Zappos staffers have been known to don tutus in the office. Even my day/night/weekend/whatever gig has an unspoken “No shirt, no shoes, we no notice” policy before product releases and we might just be the only company that sells to call centers, financial organizations, aerospace, healthcare and other Fortune 100s but still argues out roadmaps across the room until someone cries uncle.

All of those things are vital to a company’s continuous improvement and I’m a poster kid for the weird in business. Still, the best mental agility often doesn’t come down from on high or the latest team building exercise; I find it comes from the home team.

Guy Kawasaki said that “Children are the ultimate start ups” and he was absolutely right. I know when to hire the best, though, and I’m appointing mine COO for a day.

3-year-old-coo (Sorry, ladies and other competitors: he's taken.)

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