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Always do the Unexpected in Startups. Sometimes it's Even More Hygenic.

Aug 14


That firm handshake you just shared? Expected conduct but unexpectedly germy. The New York Times had a recent piece about the merits of a wimpy handshake as it transfers just 50% of the bacteria the standard business issue ones do. Amusingly, they go on to mention that a high-five and a fist bump reduce the bacteria transfer even further.

What does this all have to do with startups? If you're not doing the unexpected, you are taking a long road that is often punctuated with burnout. Get memorable and have fun. Bump THAT.

A case in point: A good sixteen months ago I was walking into a second meeting with a biz dev guy who was tall. Paul Bunyan tall. I moved to shake hands and he beat me to it, swinging his arm skyward to deliver the first high-five I've ever received in a business setting. I'm 5'11" in heels but it would require jumping to make contact. So I did.

I rarely remember what I have for breakfast most days but this I couldn't forget. Be that guy/gal. Take it up top. Isn't that what starting up is all about?


Ninja Quickstops- Have a Great Weekend!

Aug 11


For those of you wondering what to do on a Friday night, there's always the old dress up in the usual ninja wear, grab a sword and hit the quicky mart for cigarettes and lotto tickets. See the ninja awesomeness awkwardness here. (For the record: I don't smoke. Or play the lotto. Yet.)

But I think the guy below has the right moves. If only we could get him the right outfit.

Seagulls are, and have always been, the ultimate ninjas.

Weekend, out!

xoxo, Your Ninja

Why Ninjas Can Never Have a Bad Day

Mar 09


I was thinking about a great piece of advice I read in Guy Kawasaki’s Art of the Start. First off, Guy is brilliant and it’s with huge admiration that I need to ninja-ize one of the points that I needed to read the most. It was “a CEO can never have a bad day.”

While this applies universally, Guy directed this comment to all startup CEOs. I find this particularly applies to Ninja startup CEOs, however.

Picture this: you are having a bad day and you just can’t coordinate everyone’s schedules for a blood feud. Your kids made you late using your Tabi boots to hide their Lucky Charms. You may even have gotten a paper cut. But, remember a ninja CEO can never, ever, ever have a bad day. Be down and the team will wonder if the company is about to take an honorable suicide.

That said, one point that Guy neglected to mention is that a CEO, or any C-Level person, should never have too good of a day.

I learned this first hand. Never, ever decorate an office with Peeps or send prank memos. We need to maintain a modicum of respectability. Otherwise, everyone freaks when the sword comes out.

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