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Gifting Geeks Like Me

Mar 09


Whoot. I have a geeky birthday coming up this month. It got me thinking about gifts.

Lots of gifts.

Which got me to think more about getting gifts for geeks everywhere. Before you go any further, it's best that you know that buying for geeks can be tricky. But, there's hope!

You may someday be in a bind, trying to figure out how to gift yourself to love and fame. You may be asking yourself "What do I do if my local Porsche dealership is already closed??!"  Well, fear not, Little One. Wikihow has you covered:

But first, on behalf of geeks everywhere, I must suggest that you do verify that dealership is closed- first. We're ok with you saving time and going for something in red.


figure a: a geek in his natural habitat. One can imagine he'd decree "gift your geek."

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