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Always do the Unexpected in Startups. Sometimes it's Even More Hygenic.

Aug 14


That firm handshake you just shared? Expected conduct but unexpectedly germy. The New York Times had a recent piece about the merits of a wimpy handshake as it transfers just 50% of the bacteria the standard business issue ones do. Amusingly, they go on to mention that a high-five and a fist bump reduce the bacteria transfer even further.

What does this all have to do with startups? If you're not doing the unexpected, you are taking a long road that is often punctuated with burnout. Get memorable and have fun. Bump THAT.

A case in point: A good sixteen months ago I was walking into a second meeting with a biz dev guy who was tall. Paul Bunyan tall. I moved to shake hands and he beat me to it, swinging his arm skyward to deliver the first high-five I've ever received in a business setting. I'm 5'11" in heels but it would require jumping to make contact. So I did.

I rarely remember what I have for breakfast most days but this I couldn't forget. Be that guy/gal. Take it up top. Isn't that what starting up is all about?


Assassins, Ninjas and On-the-Job Training

May 09


I've been getting some heat around the office about how you (yes, you!!!!) can become a ninja. Like I'm giving that up. At least not in this post.

I can give a tip: I always suggest starting with the easy stuff first, like hiding in broad daylight and blending in. And I'm not the only one.

I haven't played a video game in and eon or two. That said, a very kind colleague sent me a link to a Real Life Assassin's Creed video. Get loaded and check it out.

Ninja Calling Card

Mar 09


I'm slow. It's a bad trait for ninjas. I will be posting soon but I thought I'd tell you where to stalk me before then. Ninjas, however well armed, can get lonely.

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