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All the World Loves a Lover and Other Marketing Tips

Oct 11


This will be a short post today but I thought it was worth mentioning that a good marketing and ad campaign is essential for any product launch. Enter the 1970's MANDOM awesomeness.

Really, if you are looking for excellence in advertising, look no further. If you are looking for cologne that smells like gasoline, well, you're all set there too. Oh, and remember that "All the world loves a lover. Man o man, that's MANDOM!"

Do Nice Guys Finish Last? Confessions from the Marketing Trenches

Mar 10


When my current company was getting started we had a marketing budget of $500. Total. That's $500.00 USD. No, really: $5-0-0. And no, the rest of the money was not spent on Aeron chairs, like many startups in the day.


We had to come out swinging against the 500 lb gorillas of our industry. While we held the edge in tech, call recording systems of any brand were hardly a household name. There were a few that were of note, with the biggest being Nice Systems and Dictaphone


Nice was an older player that built their business upon several key acquisitions. This added a lot of punch to the Rolodex and established sales channels, albeit causing brand diffusion and occasional confusion. But, like Borg, they were everywhere and tech budgets were being assimilated, left and right.


One of the keys to their later success is the truth to the arguments that no one ever gets fired for specifying IBM. They’re big. They’re entrenched. They have marketing budgets (shockingly) in excess $500. A Nice solution wasn’t likely to get you fired, due to the sheer size and halo effect that comes with the beast. Of course, no one can get hired solely based on something like that either.

 We stood out in our ability to offer one-on-one technical service and pre and post purchase support. Our interface was, and indeed still is, simply powerful enough to allow users to record and monitor calls, run meaningful reports and track users and groups, while gathering customer-interaction intelligence within a  single user friendly application. Single and multi-site call centers rapidly adopted Voxida, our call recording platform, and there still wasn't a grey suit- or a canned solution- offered by any of our team members. We operated with a mantra of keeping call recording cool. Because, really, it should be.

So, we "got" the web and search engine optimization (SEO) right away. When most companies were working on brochure-ware sites, and the more saavy of those bought Google AdWords, we focused on organic search when it will still the ugly step child. Admittedly, we got around the budgeting hurdle by allowing most leads to come to us via word-of-mouth, industry news and organic searches for specific technology, like a call recording system that works specifically with an Avaya S8700 PBX with digital and VoIP phones. As engineered, Voxida could speak multiple vendors proprietary PBX languages when much of the industry was still relying on simple call events and noise-driven recording modalities. And Voxida could do it out-of-the-box.


So, when it comes down to the question "do Nice guys finish last?" we're still offering a shrug. The only certain thing is that it's way too good to be one of the naughty.


Join us at work or at play.

Torture Memos: Just hum a few bars and you're a marketing genius!

Apr 09


I have been thinking about the extreme importance of zigging where they zag, doing where they dolt, and marketing the hell out of it all. And, babe, let me tell you, it ain't easy to sell a concept that is still in Alpha, or worse, when the concept is so young that it's still learning the alphabet. Yet, whatever stage company, or product rev, you are in, it really all comes down to creativity and feeling. And sometimes a little musical intervention.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. First, let me better identify the role of a marketer. Strangely, folks still confuse marketing with selling. While the two should be comfortable sharing a sandwich now and then, they still have their own houses to keep in order. 

Get this: marketers take products to, you guessed it, market. They throw a lot of weight around and determine price, placement, positioning, market segmentation, how to make their numbers look better for VC pitches, and do many other Very Important Things.

Sales aces let marketing kick the leads in and work within given product launch plans, break new accounts and are the natural schmoozers. They generally range from the "Heroes for the customer class!" or "Just plain used car annoying"  in the Ninja Success Spectrum, or the "NSS" as we like to affectionately call it here.

Marketeers are my favorites, at least until some sales guy sends me a convincing tee-shirt (hint: size sm, color black), so let's talk about the art of marketing some more. 

Now, there are often opportunities to find new ways of looking at things and educating your market as such. Take waterboarding. You could sell on the entertainment side but it's still going to get messy and the message muddled. (Trust me, I know: I had similiar challenges when doing contract gigs years ago, but I was young and needed the money....) But, now, I can say with 100% confidence that this is a perfect example of where a little jingle clears up an uncomfortable memo. 

Take it away Jonathan Mann! And, by all means, hire this guy for any major product launch campaign, customer-facing torture projects or the neighbor's kid's birthday party.

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