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New Business Development Consulting Services for Startups

Startup Ninja is a Silicon Valley-based consulting firm that coaches entrepreneurs at the seed stage. Well versed in new business development and innovated use of technology, Startup Ninja works to provide realistic, referenceable solutions to the common hurdles and headaches that new ventures face.

Boot strapping, while keeping a sense of humor, is a must for many startups and Startup Ninja shares wisdom, often over coffee, with real-life examples of how amazing things can happen with enough gumption and gorilla tactics. Probono consulting is often provided for aspiring non-profit ninjas. If you're starting up, go ninja at


Confessions of a Ninja and Stealthy Bio
Hi. I'm Kate Haley, aka Ninja. While I'm confessing, I just have to say- honestly- that once you start chopping off corporate heads, it’s hard to stop. Same goes for "Secret Ninja Scheming."

I did the dot com rounds in Silicon Valley and am primarily working in new business development at Accurate Always, Inc. But, I have issues. It all stems from the fact that I am a bit of a ninja spaz. Everyone is starting up something in the Bay Area, but it can get a little out of control at times. At least when I’m involved.

Prior to just ninjaing officially, my friend’s offices and homes were hot-zones. I became known for my unique compulsiveness that frequently resulted in me doing clever things like showing up for breakfast at 3 AM, armed with a full product introduction plan for mass marketing our new breakfast crunchies. Of course, this was not out-of-the-blue: They casually asked me what I thought about making toast the day before.

I’m told this is rather annoying. And, occasionally helpful, hence the over a decade long consulting record with early stage startups. Marketing and mayhem are just the way I roll, baby.

But, enough about bios. We all know that a true ninja never reveals her secrets. Well at least before spell checking. Plus, it's hard to type in ninja mittens. Let me save some keystrokes now and suggest that you see corporate me here, say hi at Kate, Inc. or shoot an email my way if you need help.

Unmasking the artist: An aspiring ninja himself, Kostya Sobol is the brain behind the pixels. Kate has always said that every good biz dev ninja needs a good artist and is now pleased to report "It's a honor to work with Kostya, as he is way better than good, he is truly one of the greats. As such, he can really kick some ninja ass."

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