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Uh, Hello... a Call Center is Only as Good as its CSRs

Aug 14


In the wake of the Comcast customer service call debacle, one must tip their hat to those that are really getting it right. This message was recently left for a call recording solution provider by some wild and wacky contact center agents. We’re not naming names and numbers here but oy vey. Give it a listen.

Ironically, the Voxida call recording and quality assurance solutions, sold by the very company that these agents called, could have helped their supervisors prevent this sort of thing. An ounce of training is worth a pound of "oops."


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HA! Sometimes even the near shored stuff is an epic fail.

Not that we can assume this wasn't off-shored.... One can hope. ;)

I can verify the caller ID came from the US. Otherwise, that's all I'm sayin'....

I should also mention that the "Hailey" in the clip is noooooooooooooooooo relation to your fair author here. Freaky universe, right? I haven't been moonlighting as a CSR.

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