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Smallest StartUp I've Signed On For: Etsy Featured Sellers with 8 Toes

Aug 09


I've been roped into some wacky business ideas. But, this one is the weirdest by far.

It earns the distinction of being the only gig I've ever done where all the cofounders have eight toes. And are cockatoos. These feathered folks have their own shop on Etsy that's "Parrot Run, Ocean Approved" and sells beach glass jewelry, ocean items, beauty products. And the little weasels give 100% of Net Profits to charities that rescue parrots, which means that my founder stock is worth, in practical terms, a big fat zilch.

Etsy is the biggest online marketplace devoted to selling handmade products. You can see more about Etsy in the Press here

When the cockatoos of WildPen were contacting by Etsy about doing a video about their artistic process, they said "as long as there's going to be some rock and roll...."And Etsy delivered on that.

View the WildPen parrot's video on Etsy and baffle yourself on how/why I got involved with these guys. :)


You can also read more about this little Wildpen startup on Etsy here and keep up with the cockatoos on their beach parrot blog.


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Ha! Charming little business folks. Makes you wonder how it would be if parrots ran the whole dang world....

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