Voxida in the News: Yahoo! News on AAI's Latest Call Recording Appliance Release

Accurate Always announces new contact center telephone recording and quality monitoring systems for healthcare, customer support, brokerages and other results-focused call centers. Half Moon Bay, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

via news.yahoo.com

Accurate Always, Inc., a leading provider of communications recording solutions, announced the release of the next generation of Voxida call recording and quality monitoring systems today.

The new Voxida appliances build upon the technology that was offered in the previous Voxida integrated hardware and software platform, but further address the expanded operational requirements of today’s contact centers. The latest Voxida systems feature:

  • A comprehensive software suite that allows users to record full time, on demand or by schedule
  • Live monitoring of calls for quality assurance
  • The ability to record telephone, screen, video, radio, intercom and more
  • Flexible reporting tools
  • Single board computer (”Blade”) technology
  • Intel Xeon Multi-core processors
  • Up to 340,000 channel hours of immediate call recording storage
  • An option to increase storage to over 1,000,000 channel hours, in a single appliance
  • LDAP integration with single sign-on (SSO) support
  • Centralized administration
  • Full SSL/TLS transport security
  • A distributed architecture to adapt to single, or multiple site, geodiverse organizations
  • User action and data access auditing and reporting
  • PCIe bus architecture
  • Virtually unlimited growth options as all systems can scale up and out

"Voxida, offered as a fully-featured call recording platform, has played a key role in our clients’ quality assurance and agent training success,” said Kate Haley, Chief Marketing Officer, Accurate Always. “The ability to capture, analyze and retrieve calls is paramount to gathering and profiting from vital intelligence, already inherent in day-to-day customer and corporate communications. As always, efficiency is key; the latest Voxida systems have significantly impacted our clients’ ability to rapidly identify new opportunities and requirements, and allocate their internal resources appropriately, which positively impacts their bottom-line.”

The latest Voxida systems are now selling in domestic and international healthcare, brokerage, help desk and other inbound and outbound call centers. For more information, please see the Voxida optimized contact center recording appliances now http://www.accuratealways.com/voxida/systems/index.htm

About Accurate Always, Inc.
Accurate Always provides the tools organizations need to record, monitor, retrieve and manage their call and video communications with their Voxida appliances. Voxida is used to reduce liability, ensure regulatory compliance and to improve customer interaction quality, while easily fitting into existing work-flows and telecom setups. Calls can be retrieved, reported on and monitored using a single user-friendly interface, in standalone or multi-site environments. Accurate Always serves a variety of market segments, including healthcare, aerospace, defense and other diverse contact centers, worldwide, for customers including Stanford University and Hospitals, American Healthways, Sage, SAIC, Sunoco, CSC, Cambrex and Boeing.
Learn more about Accurate Always and what they offer.

More Businesses Embrace VoIP for Enterprise Communications

Hard economic times during the past several years slowed growth in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and unified communications markets, but the trend is reversing, thanks in large part to a growing uptake among businesses, according to a new report by Infonetics Research. via www.speechtechmag.com

The tide might well be turning. More and more businesses are embracing VoIP for their primary and hybrid communications systems. While TDM still is on top, many agile organizations are also exploring SIP trunking and unified communications telephony.

Recording VoIP calls takes some planning to avoid common pitfalls and unnecessary expense. Voxida, Accurate Always' communication recording solution, is designed to accommodate VoIP, digital and analog interfaces. If you have any questions about how VoIP recording could work in your center, contact Accurate Always for more information about best practices for capturing, and monitoring, Cisco, Avaya and other trunk and station-side VoIP calls.

Customer Retention at its Best, and Funniest

Sometimes people just need to be heard. Sometimes they just need to click things. Sometimes they need to punish Derrick.

Groupon, besides being one of the wittier sites on the web, also can school anyone in customer retention. This Accurate Always-ite decided to unsubscribe from their newsletter. Then I resubscribed 40 seconds later. Check out the video for a laugh that ensures loyalty. I'll never, ever, leave Derrick again.

When interfacing with your customers aim to continiously improve interactions while assuring quality. A call recording system that also allows you to live monitor and share voice and meta data for center-wide analysis can be a useful tool to ensure operational excellence, empower your agents and to keep your customers from going ape on your own Derrick. Learn more about quality monitoring and Voxida.

UPDATE TSUNAMI: Potential For Two More Waves Today but AAI is Operational

Update 2:59 p.m.: According to Pillar Point Harbor Master Robert Johnson, the Harbor Patrol has just been dispatched to secure the abalone farm in the harbor to some moorings.

via fostercity.patch.com

Thanks for all the concerned calls and emails today! Accurate Always' Bay Area office, while being in the tsunami zone, was not forced to evacuate today. We saw a 5 foot rise out our back door but the low tide seemed to mitigate risk. We are continuing to monitor the situation, but at this point, we are fully operational.

Accurate Always Announces the Opening of Huntsville Office

Accurate Always, Inc., a leading provider of communications recording and monitoring solutions, announced today that it has opened an office in the Huntsville, Alabama area to serve their rapidly expanding customer base and respond to the growing demand for comprehensive recording solutions for defense, security and emergency services. The Alabama office expands Accurate Always’ offering of governmental solutions while providing local sales and support for its customers in the South Eastern region of the US.

Read the full press release: Demand for the Accurate Always Voxida Solutions Fuels Expansion in Huntsville now.


Tech Support = Slackers? This Contact Center Recording Company Wonders...

We get very few tech support calls at Accurate Always. Frankly, I wonder if our tech support engineers are getting a little too much down-time.

As you probably already know, Accurate Always manufactures digital call recording systems for healthcare, customer-focused contact centers, aerospace, utility companies, a variety of other in-bound and out-bound call centers, defense and a whole wacky bunch of various industries. Every digital call recording system is hand-built, custom configured and completely tested, so it's as close to plug-and-play as possible when it arrives at the lucky customer's site.

Basic users of these recording systems are usually fully operational and checked out for Awesomeness* within an hour or two of training. In fact, many just do some private tutoring sessions and continue their education at Voxida U, while maintaining full bragging rights that they got it from the get-go. As they actually did.

It's partially because our call recoding solutions are easy to use. From a design and engineering standpoint, "easy" is really hard to achieve. Hats off to these folks, though, as they somehow pulled it off.

The graphical user interface has all the controls needed to record calls full-time, on demand or randomly. Users can live monitor these calls, as their in-house permissions dictate. Sharing call data via email, custom training DVDs or via export is intuitive. Reports can be ran at whim and provide a deeper look at your center's activities than you'd think was possible.

There's a lot more that can be done in this comprehensive interface but it still fails to offer users the ability to control the weather. I hear that's coming in a future release, so please don't give up on us yet.

Since everyone is more-or-less happy, the systems rarely hiccup and training is handled by another underutilized division (hey- if it only takes a few hours... I'm just sayin'), our techs have some down-time.

We often hear customer's talk about their past experiences with industry tech support. One emailed us a link to a little movie that conveyed the overall feeling, if not the exact parties and specifics. Of course, I'm supposed to say that contents of this video are for mature audiences only, etc, etc., and that Accurate Always, Inc. is not responsible for anything I say in this blog or in my life, including what I may be thinking at the moment, had for lunch or what I link to... blah.. blah and so on.... Forget it. I'll just say "here it is"  and be sure to see the "Sales Guy vs Web Dude" video.

*Note: "Awesomeness" is an actual rating of proficiency when using these call center recording systems. At least if Marketing has its say in things....

Air Force F-22 Raptor Down and the F-35 Prospects

After $361 million and one highly capable test pilot down, Mohave had a really bad day. Edwards AFB lost a F-22 fighter jet yesterday, which is the second Edwards crash on this craft since 2004.

This is not great news given the economy and the state of uncertain funding. Accounting for roughly 95,000 jobs, this is worth a look. Of note, the Joint Strike Fighter Project definitely has a lower target production price at $83 million.

More information on the impact and financial stakes held by Lockheed Martin, United Technology's Pratt and Whitney and Boeing can be viewed on Market Watch.

Surviving a Long Economic Fall in Today's Contact Center (and Why I'm Not in Rodeo Clown Correspondence School)

A friend sent me a link for a tutorial on How to Survive a Long Fall a few years ago. I'm thinking more and more about that these days.

Let's face it: There are challenges that face today's contact center ace. Responsibilities, on-the-job stress and the unrelenting focus on cost centers are not what I'd classify as daily opportunities for personal growth. One must celebrate an economy is great for lemmings and the proverbial people that jump out of perfectly sound planes. But the non-lemming majority of call center pros have to get courageous. And make quick with it.

Between you and me, even the most cool hand Luke, posing as a contact center supervisor, IT or Telco manager has thought about their future. And the future of their Future's future. And some future after that if one is really neurotic, like me. Possibly you have even found yourself considering career choices. If you are in a call center, I have some suggestions for you, based on my almost extensive research.

I discovered that there's a natural temptation to fall-back on business innovations in the past. Like the Pogo Stick. One, of course, is tempted to go into Mobile Pogo Stick Training and Repair. But, alas, the market in most likely saturated with such leading entrepreneurs.

Sometimes more education is the answer. I also was looking into a correspondence school for rodeo clowns to recommend here but I hear they have pretty short careers.

So, I decided to look at a more radical notion: we can land, discard our crash helmets, save- and make- our companies money. It is time to take a serious look at the Voxida call recording and quality monitoring systems from Accurate Always. They're turnkey and most can get your center recording calls full time, on demand or per schedule, within 30 days from time of order. There are never hidden licensing fees or other surprise costs, so you can stay on schedule, on budget and focused on increasing profitability and decreasing costs.

Voxida is used to ensure call center quality, help contact centers train their agents and reduce turn-overs, which cost vital time and additional investment. Using a comprehensive suite of tools, call center supervisors and administrators can use Voxida to instantly get call center diagnostics and determine how resources can be better utilized.

With a full reporting suite, that's included with the Voxida base package, it's easy to determine average hold times, calls per agent/extension/channel per hour and whatever other statistics are the most meaningful for your contact center.

Play to Win, Don't Just Play to Not Lose. Having this call data, the ability to live monitor, run reports and retrieve calls at will is a huge competitive advantage when seeking new corporate customers. This impacts healthcare, financial and other contact center success right away. Let's face it, it's better to take these measures and play to win, rather than just whittling away costs and working on playing not to lose.

For more information about Voxida and how it can help you maximize your profit, while reducing costs, please contact us. I can help out directly or you can work with any of our sales engineers here, to best evaluate your options and proactively avoid this long fall. Call 1-800-828-9428 or 1-650-728-9428 to talk to us. You can also send us an email and we'll get to work.

Pi Day Celebrations

3/14 is soon to be upon us!

For all the engineers and other Pi reverent folks, please stock up on veggie dogs and get ready to be great!

See here how to calculate Pi by throwing frozen (vegan please) hot dogs.

Find out more about call recording and assuring quality interactions in your contact center, or setup a Voxida demo

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