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Are you risking a $10,000,000 fine this year?

I just did some scary math. A mid-sized call center could wind up paying ten million dollars for illegally recording calls in California in just one year. Ouch.

Under the California Invasion of Privacy Act (CIPA) (Cal. Penal Code §§ 630-637.5), California imposes a civil liability of $5,000 for EACH non-compliant call recording. Additional states also impose fines; multiply that by the number of calls you record and it will add up fast given that most mid-sized centers do millions of calls a year.

Given the exponential rate of compliance requirement growth in the last few years, call recording laws will likely only get tougher. We know how draining this is on your resources to keep track of the rapidly changing regulatory environment, so we’re trying to save you a little time. While it's important to always seek local legal council, we're also providing this Quick Guide to Call Recording Laws which gives a top-level look at call recording notification regulations for each state, as well as many international guidelines.

Don’t put you, your company, or your employees' jobs at risk. Let us help you ensure your call recording is compliant. Download "A Quick Guide to Call Recording Laws."

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Cheat Sheet - Call Recording Laws for Healthcare

I spent a year and a half working on a compliance software project at Johnson and Johnson. It was 2006, and healthcare compliance was a hot, albeit painful, topic. I later went into the field, making the rounds at physician’s offices in Central New Jersey (yes, I earned some serious stripes). I saw the highs of physician dinners, free pens, and Dunkin Donuts runs; when the PhRMA code banned giveaways and out-of-office dinners, I dutifully and compliantly explained why my bag was no longer filled with branded tchotchke.

Eight years later compliance regulations are stronger than ever, touching practically every industry. Having played in both the IT and the healthcare compliance sandboxes, my prediction is that compliance regulations will continue to grow.  As technology and data storage increases in capability, and decreases in price, compliance needs will follow suit. Which brings us to the elephant in the room:

“How do you know if you are compliant?”

The simple answer is continuous research + processes = compliance. There is no magic algorithm that creates or maintains compliance. There are ever changing laws and/or codes, and following them requires a human touch (ironic for IT compliance isn’t it?). One must stay up-to-date on the latest regulations and then implement progressive processes to ensure those regulations are met.

I pride myself on simplifying the overly complicated-- I want to make things easy. I may not be able to provide compliance cheat sheets for every industry, but I can for call recording in healthcare organizations.

See the Quick Guide to Call Recording Laws for Healthcare here. It’s not the Rosetta Stone, but it may eliminate the first part of the compliance equation by addressing the latest call recording requirements.

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Call Center Agent Training, Lingo and Law

We believe education is a darned good thing. Most of our customers already frequent Voxida U, the online manager, supervisor and call center agent training resource for all varieties of customer contact centers that quality monitor and record calls with Voxida. We also offer some resources on the main Accurate Always site for the public. You can check out the section on call recording notification law and also browse our call center glossary here. If you ever have any questions about recording or monitoring calls, please feel free to contact us.