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Voxida in the News: Yahoo! News on AAI's Latest Call Recording Appliance Release

Accurate Always announces new contact center telephone recording and quality monitoring systems for healthcare, customer support, brokerages and other results-focused call centers. Half Moon Bay, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

via news.yahoo.com

Accurate Always, Inc., a leading provider of communications recording solutions, announced the release of the next generation of Voxida call recording and quality monitoring systems today.

The new Voxida appliances build upon the technology that was offered in the previous Voxida integrated hardware and software platform, but further address the expanded operational requirements of today’s contact centers. The latest Voxida systems feature:

  • A comprehensive software suite that allows users to record full time, on demand or by schedule
  • Live monitoring of calls for quality assurance
  • The ability to record telephone, screen, video, radio, intercom and more
  • Flexible reporting tools
  • Single board computer (”Blade”) technology
  • Intel Xeon Multi-core processors
  • Up to 340,000 channel hours of immediate call recording storage
  • An option to increase storage to over 1,000,000 channel hours, in a single appliance
  • LDAP integration with single sign-on (SSO) support
  • Centralized administration
  • Full SSL/TLS transport security
  • A distributed architecture to adapt to single, or multiple site, geodiverse organizations
  • User action and data access auditing and reporting
  • PCIe bus architecture
  • Virtually unlimited growth options as all systems can scale up and out

"Voxida, offered as a fully-featured call recording platform, has played a key role in our clients’ quality assurance and agent training success,” said Kate Haley, Chief Marketing Officer, Accurate Always. “The ability to capture, analyze and retrieve calls is paramount to gathering and profiting from vital intelligence, already inherent in day-to-day customer and corporate communications. As always, efficiency is key; the latest Voxida systems have significantly impacted our clients’ ability to rapidly identify new opportunities and requirements, and allocate their internal resources appropriately, which positively impacts their bottom-line.”

The latest Voxida systems are now selling in domestic and international healthcare, brokerage, help desk and other inbound and outbound call centers. For more information, please see the Voxida optimized contact center recording appliances now http://www.accuratealways.com/voxida/systems/index.htm

About Accurate Always, Inc.
Accurate Always provides the tools organizations need to record, monitor, retrieve and manage their call and video communications with their Voxida appliances. Voxida is used to reduce liability, ensure regulatory compliance and to improve customer interaction quality, while easily fitting into existing work-flows and telecom setups. Calls can be retrieved, reported on and monitored using a single user-friendly interface, in standalone or multi-site environments. Accurate Always serves a variety of market segments, including healthcare, aerospace, defense and other diverse contact centers, worldwide, for customers including Stanford University and Hospitals, American Healthways, Sage, SAIC, Sunoco, CSC, Cambrex and Boeing.
Learn more about Accurate Always and what they offer.

Find out more about call recording and assuring quality interactions in your contact center, or setup a Voxida demo

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