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Too Bad AT&T Didn’t Have Voxida CenterSecure

In April, it was all over the news that the FCC fines AT&T $25 million for data breach affecting an impressive 280,000 customers.

You might have read about it, but in case you missed it,  AT&T call center contractors collected personal information of 280,000 subscribers from November 2013 to April 2014. The stolen customer data included names, personal information and social security numbers, which was then used by scammers to unlock cellphones.

To date, this is largest fine and data security enforcement act taken by the FCC. In Oct 2014, the FCC imposed a $10 million fine on telecom operators TerraCom and YourTel for the same reason.  It’s good to see the FCC taking consumer privacy regulations seriously instead of playing lip service, which has seemed to be the case until recently.

Can you imagine what would happen if someone was stealing your customer’s personal information and selling it to the highest bidder?  Unfortunately this could happen to any company that has an internal or outsourced call center.

Accurate Always came up with a solution to mitigate this insider threat with Voxida CenterSecure. CenterSecure provides a 360° view of every user action. With an automatic user tracking mechanism, CenterSecure reports on all log ins, log outs, commands issued, searches executed, calls monitored, files played back, reports ran, documents shared, and exported, by any given user— anytime. CenterSecure also records all administrative functions, including permission and configuration changes, user and group administration and more. Within seconds an organization can track communication asset breaches across the enterprise. Now you can take the right action at the right time to minimize insider threats that damage your brand and revenue.

Although this fine may seem like a drop in the bucket for AT&T, think about how many customers they will lose and negative brand damage that occurred because of this breach… the fall out is yet to come and the impact could end up being in the hundreds of millions.

Luckily there is a fail-safe in place. Learn more about Voxida CenterSecure and contact us today.

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