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Mission 2012: Time to Go Green, Make Toast and Lose That Faulty Call Recorder Already

There's a lot of concern about toxic technology waste disposal these days. And with good reason.

More and more, I'm talking to people who have bought a call recording system that is toast in a few years. You know, it's all the same old stuff: the company went through a merger and your call logger is end-of-lifed before it would have even graduated from preschool. Or, it chokes. Most commonly, it just doesn't work as expected. The latter rears it's head during install, CTI integration disaster or just when you thought it was safe to leave it home with a babysitter.

And it all leads to heart break, budget downfalls and occasional sobbing. But, above it all, questions loom like: "What am I going to do with this outdated call recording system???" and "Who's making coffee??!"

Accurate Always call center recording and quality monitoring systems just don't get fork-lifted out. Each system is designed to last a decade. The parts are all revision controlled, fully documented and consist of field-proven industrial grade components. With a support plan, you have free Voxida software upgrades for life and direct access to our lead engineers. As such, there are less support calls, hits put out on the technology and untimely deaths.

And, it makes both of our jobs easier. This breathing room has freed us up to think on the crisis at hand, as we want to give back to the contact center community. Yes, without further adieu, here's our attempt to do our part in recycling failed competitor's systems! Note: While the technology differs a bit, you can certainly retrofit your recorder to make toast, launch fireworks and play coffee roulette.

If you are lucky, you will have multiple drives- hard, not tape- in your system. These can easily be ported for divination or division of labor. Like, you can see who's up for making coffee:

There's also a firework launch option. Not that we're saying "try this at home." In fact, Legal said that we make certain that you know this is DANGEROUS, potentially FATAL and that reasonable and customary care should be taken when even viewing this tutorial.

Personally, I'd suggest that all upstanding, intelligent people like you just go buy Voxida so you don't get in this mess. That useful life of a decade is positively swell. The recycling programs are available through Accurate Always are even sweller; contact us for more info.   *toaster not included.


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Ha! I was wondering what to do with the non-Voxida system that we're about to fork-lift outta here. Love you guys!

Hey Steve,
We love you too! Can't wait to meet you next month. You're purchase did a lotta good. http://www.accuratealways.com/about/values.htm

Are you with us on Facebook yet? If not, say hi http://www.facebook.com/voxida

Thanks for making our jobs that much awesomer.

Accurate Always

I like this website very much so much wonderful information.

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