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Customer Retention at its Best, and Funniest

Sometimes people just need to be heard. Sometimes they just need to click things. Sometimes they need to punish Derrick.

Groupon, besides being one of the wittier sites on the web, also can school anyone in customer retention. This Accurate Always-ite decided to unsubscribe from their newsletter. Then I resubscribed 40 seconds later. Check out the video for a laugh that ensures loyalty. I'll never, ever, leave Derrick again.

When interfacing with your customers aim to continiously improve interactions while assuring quality. A call recording system that also allows you to live monitor and share voice and meta data for center-wide analysis can be a useful tool to ensure operational excellence, empower your agents and to keep your customers from going ape on your own Derrick. Learn more about quality monitoring and Voxida.

UPDATE TSUNAMI: Potential For Two More Waves Today but AAI is Operational

Update 2:59 p.m.: According to Pillar Point Harbor Master Robert Johnson, the Harbor Patrol has just been dispatched to secure the abalone farm in the harbor to some moorings.

via fostercity.patch.com

Thanks for all the concerned calls and emails today! Accurate Always' Bay Area office, while being in the tsunami zone, was not forced to evacuate today. We saw a 5 foot rise out our back door but the low tide seemed to mitigate risk. We are continuing to monitor the situation, but at this point, we are fully operational.

Accurate Always Announces the Opening of Huntsville Office

Accurate Always, Inc., a leading provider of communications recording and monitoring solutions, announced today that it has opened an office in the Huntsville, Alabama area to serve their rapidly expanding customer base and respond to the growing demand for comprehensive recording solutions for defense, security and emergency services. The Alabama office expands Accurate Always’ offering of governmental solutions while providing local sales and support for its customers in the South Eastern region of the US.

Read the full press release: Demand for the Accurate Always Voxida Solutions Fuels Expansion in Huntsville now.