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Tech Support = Slackers? This Contact Center Recording Company Wonders...

We get very few tech support calls at Accurate Always. Frankly, I wonder if our tech support engineers are getting a little too much down-time.

As you probably already know, Accurate Always manufactures digital call recording systems for healthcare, customer-focused contact centers, aerospace, utility companies, a variety of other in-bound and out-bound call centers, defense and a whole wacky bunch of various industries. Every digital call recording system is hand-built, custom configured and completely tested, so it's as close to plug-and-play as possible when it arrives at the lucky customer's site.

Basic users of these recording systems are usually fully operational and checked out for Awesomeness* within an hour or two of training. In fact, many just do some private tutoring sessions and continue their education at Voxida U, while maintaining full bragging rights that they got it from the get-go. As they actually did.

It's partially because our call recoding solutions are easy to use. From a design and engineering standpoint, "easy" is really hard to achieve. Hats off to these folks, though, as they somehow pulled it off.

The graphical user interface has all the controls needed to record calls full-time, on demand or randomly. Users can live monitor these calls, as their in-house permissions dictate. Sharing call data via email, custom training DVDs or via export is intuitive. Reports can be ran at whim and provide a deeper look at your center's activities than you'd think was possible.

There's a lot more that can be done in this comprehensive interface but it still fails to offer users the ability to control the weather. I hear that's coming in a future release, so please don't give up on us yet.

Since everyone is more-or-less happy, the systems rarely hiccup and training is handled by another underutilized division (hey- if it only takes a few hours... I'm just sayin'), our techs have some down-time.

We often hear customer's talk about their past experiences with industry tech support. One emailed us a link to a little movie that conveyed the overall feeling, if not the exact parties and specifics. Of course, I'm supposed to say that contents of this video are for mature audiences only, etc, etc., and that Accurate Always, Inc. is not responsible for anything I say in this blog or in my life, including what I may be thinking at the moment, had for lunch or what I link to... blah.. blah and so on.... Forget it. I'll just say "here it is"  and be sure to see the "Sales Guy vs Web Dude" video.

*Note: "Awesomeness" is an actual rating of proficiency when using these call center recording systems. At least if Marketing has its say in things....


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I'm a tech support engineer and I reread this entry several times, laughing harder than the last. The movie is great and it really reminds me that tech support is a daily adventure.

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