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The Importance of Listening

As you may have gathered, I have a few coworkers with eight toes. Yes, Accurate Always really is an equal opportunity employer.

I was out with one of these fellows, Flax the Man, standing outside in a tech park a short time ago. (For those who have not had the thrill of standing around a tech park, let me tell you it's just another theme park. No big mouse, but a lot of hip rides and uncomfortable get-ups.)

So, my little buddy is doing all the talking for once, stopping a sales rep going into the main entrance. Naturally, said rep happens to be an expert on large parrots and very willing to help. He immediately decides to get in my coworkers face and tell him to "ah-nun-see-ate!" He keeps it up, making a few more comments about bird Yiddish and "isn't this novel." Meanwhile, Flax keeps trying to get through to this guy.

After a short while, I grow tired of hearing "annunciate," in all its glorious iterations, parroted out of Mr. Rep. I figure better I'd introduce myself. But Flax's newest fan is already waxing poetic on how "we all fly a little bit" and I realize it's too late. Much too late.

Mr Flax politely waits, and as soon as a dramatic pause comes on, he says "You don't. You're being a big jerk."

Of course, that was heard five-by-five. We all retreated into our respective offices. With Flax shamelessly chuckling all the way back.

There's got to be a moral in this story somewhere....

But, it also got me thinking about how the answer is in there.

In all fairness to poor Mr Rep, there is so much information, already inherent in our communication, that we simply miss, gloss over or can't filter through it all. Once my delighted coworker was put back in this department, I had a talk with engineering. It was eye/ear opening.

I'm happy to report that Voxida, out-of-the-box, can recording all call metadata and audio, according to rules you set up. Agent interactions, center-wide analytics and a robust reporting engine are ready to roll. And they do. Most companies start to record calls and harvest this data from day one.

The victory? You can get smart, in-house, without needing to rely on outside consultants to tell you reach out to their customers, or find out what they really want/need and how these requests are being handled.

The data is out there and Voxida makes it easy to pull up your calls, as they are live or many years down the road, and harvest this information. Maybe we can all learn to listen yet....


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Very funny! I met a bird that was that cheeky once and I'm glad I lived to tell. Who knew they could mock?

Agreed on the focus on internal data. I don't need another consultant with pie charts to tell me how my company is doing. We're looking at Voxida now and will be in touch shortly for a demo. Thanks!

If only we could get that guy to work for us. :) Let that parrot know that we have an opening in our analytics team.

Can you tell Flax that we are hiring for customer service reps? He sounds like our sort of guy!

It's important to never assume you have the answer, each person has a unique situation. Try and maintain the beginners mind set. Never consider yourself an expert, there is always something you can learn from each call.

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