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Surviving a Long Economic Fall in Today's Contact Center (and Why I'm Not in Rodeo Clown Correspondence School)

A friend sent me a link for a tutorial on How to Survive a Long Fall a few years ago. I'm thinking more and more about that these days.

Let's face it: There are challenges that face today's contact center ace. Responsibilities, on-the-job stress and the unrelenting focus on cost centers are not what I'd classify as daily opportunities for personal growth. One must celebrate an economy is great for lemmings and the proverbial people that jump out of perfectly sound planes. But the non-lemming majority of call center pros have to get courageous. And make quick with it.

Between you and me, even the most cool hand Luke, posing as a contact center supervisor, IT or Telco manager has thought about their future. And the future of their Future's future. And some future after that if one is really neurotic, like me. Possibly you have even found yourself considering career choices. If you are in a call center, I have some suggestions for you, based on my almost extensive research.

I discovered that there's a natural temptation to fall-back on business innovations in the past. Like the Pogo Stick. One, of course, is tempted to go into Mobile Pogo Stick Training and Repair. But, alas, the market in most likely saturated with such leading entrepreneurs.

Sometimes more education is the answer. I also was looking into a correspondence school for rodeo clowns to recommend here but I hear they have pretty short careers.

So, I decided to look at a more radical notion: we can land, discard our crash helmets, save- and make- our companies money. It is time to take a serious look at the Voxida call recording and quality monitoring systems from Accurate Always. They're turnkey and most can get your center recording calls full time, on demand or per schedule, within 30 days from time of order. There are never hidden licensing fees or other surprise costs, so you can stay on schedule, on budget and focused on increasing profitability and decreasing costs.

Voxida is used to ensure call center quality, help contact centers train their agents and reduce turn-overs, which cost vital time and additional investment. Using a comprehensive suite of tools, call center supervisors and administrators can use Voxida to instantly get call center diagnostics and determine how resources can be better utilized.

With a full reporting suite, that's included with the Voxida base package, it's easy to determine average hold times, calls per agent/extension/channel per hour and whatever other statistics are the most meaningful for your contact center.

Play to Win, Don't Just Play to Not Lose. Having this call data, the ability to live monitor, run reports and retrieve calls at will is a huge competitive advantage when seeking new corporate customers. This impacts healthcare, financial and other contact center success right away. Let's face it, it's better to take these measures and play to win, rather than just whittling away costs and working on playing not to lose.

For more information about Voxida and how it can help you maximize your profit, while reducing costs, please contact us. I can help out directly or you can work with any of our sales engineers here, to best evaluate your options and proactively avoid this long fall. Call 1-800-828-9428 or 1-650-728-9428 to talk to us. You can also send us an email and we'll get to work.


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Clowns and pogo sticks aside, I think this post has some very valid points. The concept of focusing on profits, instead of saving yourself into bankruptcy, is one that is less understood. I've worked with Accurate Always at a call center before I (semi) retired. Their call recording systems are solid products that really do make, and save, money if used intelligently.

As the US credit continues to slide, wise investments in technology really make all the difference. Many companies have realized significant returns rolling out Voxida.

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