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Lucy Ricardo, I Salute You and Telephony Too

At work, I have the usual desk assortment (at least in my biz) of Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Inter-Tel, Siemens, etc, etc. In fact, you can get an idea of the phones that we have sitting around here by checking out the supported PBX and trunk interfaces section of the mothership's site.

Luckily, these aren't all on my desk. They reside happily in the lab, totally at the beck-and-call of the Voxida call recording and monitoring systems that we manufacture here. Still, I shuffle my Blackberry, an Avaya and a Western Electric 302 Lucy Phone between the coffee cups and my computer.

The back-story: When we were relocating the Accurate Always headquarters in 2007, I went on a buying spree. If you ever want to know how to lose many days of productivity doing this, drop me a line and I'll give you the 101 and include a free primer on how to make your marketing budget go horribly wrong.

But, it's all worth it. We now have around twenty vintage phones in the office, several of which are powered and operational off one or another PBX here.

Tragically, I still am short a switchboard and a telephone booth. Feel free to comment and gloat if you have one. I'll be bitter but will somehow carry on. Seriously, even if I could just borrow your booth for a few, I'd finally get that spiffy Super Marcom Suit some airplay. But, I'll stop short of begging. For now.

The vintage phones are here with the IP sets, digital telephones, video and trunk line interfaces because, yes Virginia, there really is a call recording system that can do it all. Here's to call recording systems and phones that are/were built for the long-haul!

(Psst... if you still have one of the old phones, you can still find the wiring schematics.)

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