Defense Budget and Options for Green Future Warfare Technologies

Still scratching your head over the defense budget under the new administration and possible sequestration? Does the SecDef keep you guessing?

All we know is that there is a lot of change going on. But one thing remains true: We must be vigilant in seeking technology that helps us lower costs and increase our intelligence with minimal roll-out, or budgetary, pains.

The Voxida digital communications recording systems (DVRS) manufactured by Accurate Always, Inc. are field-proven and engineered to analyze radio, telephone, analog, digital, radar, video and VoIP communications with a rapid rollout. Used to record telemetry, test ranges, remote installations and other classified requirements, they are agile and trusted. All DVRS components are COTS or MCOTS. As such, Accurate Always projects continued growth in the area of communication recording and monitoring and Voxida remains a valuable asset, regardless of funding realities.

But, there's always the question of future warfare technology. With the current commitment to exploring solutions with less environmental impact, we have been looking for additional options. While this idea is early stage, and not developed by Accurate Always, there is a new technology- a green bomb- that may address funding uncertainty and green initiatives in these times.

We may have already said too much, but we highly recommend downloading the PDF that addresses the green face of the modern war space. Please share with your colleagues or in your next planning conference. Yeah, you can thank us later.

Soviet Woman Pilots and the End of the Great Patriotic War

On May 9th, 1945, Russia first celebrated the end of the Great Patriotic War. I have a Russian friend who pointed out that this was not just the victory of the Soviet communist system over fascism. He felt it needed to be said that the people were not at war to fight for a certain abstract ideal such as "Victory for Communism" as commonly reported. Instead they fought and died for other fathers, mothers, children, as well, of course, as the Motherland.

So, two days before celebrating Mother's Day in the US, I just wanted to honor some of the real heroes of the war, regardless of personal political views.


Photo from

Female Soviet Air Force (VVS) pilots flew more than 24,000 sorties during the war. The Hero of the Soviet Union award was bestowed on sixty-eight of these pilots.

They were known as the Night Witches, or Nachthexen, by the Germans, who feared their accuracy and skill.

The Night Witches flew without parachutes, in planes such as the Yak 1s, Yak 7Bs and Petlyakov Pe-2 2 engine bombers. The continued bravery defined the female pilots of the 586th, 587th and the 588th Women's Fighter and Bomber Regiments. It appears that this was much more likely a fight for something concrete, possibly of family and home, than abstract concepts or hate.*

In celebration of women, and mothers everywhere, you can read more about the VVS female pilots here

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to all.

*Plus, let's face it: many of the best pilots are female pilots. :)


AF? AD? DoD? If You Have an AFI with TLAs Join the ATC via IFATCA for 411

Next time that you find yourself lost in the often feared and widely misunderstood Land of Acronym, fear not! The International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers' Associations (IFATCA) has the answers you need to sort out your TLAS, or FLAS.

Impress your friends. Streamline your conversational skills at work and at your kid's soccer games. Check out the IFATCA's guide here today. Seriously, it's really helpful.

Accurate Always and our DVRS/MARS

Upcoming Airshow in Half Moon Bay, CA- features beautiful aircraft!

Finally! An airshow that is right in Accurate Always' back yard!

Whip over to Accurate Always and love the aircraft

On April 26th, you can drop in at Accurate Always' pad or meet us at the show to see some incredible aircraft including

  • A6M Zero

  • F-6-F Hellcat

  • Curtis P-40

  • P-51 Mustang

  • YAK-9, piloted by our own, Eddie Andreni

  • Hawker Sea Fury

  • Spartan Executive Model 7W from the '30s/40's

  • D-25 1930's Biplane

  • PT-19

  • There's also a T-6, a T-28 and a T-33 in the midst

  • and a Zepplin Airship.

See more about these craft and the schedule

Still, you may ask yourself "Is seeing some warbirds and aerobats enough to live through monster truck demonstrations?"

Oh, the monster truck bit- did we forget to mention that? Yes, there is great pain coupled with seeing these great beauties. But, that's why there's earplugs and "I'm with Stupid" tee-shirts. If you are feeling brave, call Kate at 650-728-9428 x1 and we'll get the monster trucks ready!

New Defense News and digital communications voice recording systems blog

We wanted to say hi before shifting this blog into high gear. This blog is operated by Accurate Always, Inc, a supplier to aerospace and defense that offers the Voxida call recording solutions that can record PBX, radio, trunk lines, video and analog telephone in a single, turnkey system.

You can expect to see additional aerospace and defense industry news and interest pieces in the near future. We will also be highlighting COTS/MCOTS digital voice recording systems for recording telephone, radio, IP and video for DoD applications. Please subscribe today or come visit us at

Find out more about digital communications recording and monitoring, or set up Voxida demo

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