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About Accurate Always and Voxida

Accurate Always manufactures communications monitoring and recording systems for aerospace and defense markets. Their flagship product, Voxida, is fully field proven in multiple high security, heavy traffic and special engineering projects.

Voxida serves all branches of the military when specialized communication recording is required for security, range testing, training, logging test flight data and other specialized DoD and aerospace needs.


Voxida is frequently specified for installations that need an easy to use interface that captures not only the calls/transmissions, but all the associated call details. As audio or video files can be acquired and monitored in real-time, and can scale as an operation may require, Voxida is often deemed a very good fit for many projects.


Voxida, hand-built, tested and configured in our Bay Area facilities, is usually shipped 30 days ARO. In 95% of all cases Accurate Always has clients recording on day one, totally stepping around the industry-standard multiple-month, expense creeping, drawn out rollouts.


Voxida is fast and the team here is even faster. This speed and smarts keeps costs lower than most while maintaining the highest level of operational efficacy.


Voxida systems are industrial-grade and are fully proven in mission-critical installations. They are deployed to record and monitor telephone, radio, intercom and VoIP calls in single or multiple site environments. Voxida delivers instantly responsive, easy to use, secure call center recording, even when under an extremely high traffic load. The detailed reports, ability to monitor calls as they occur and highly granular recording and monitoring rules are extremely important to such operations and kept Voxida in demand, worldwide, for over five years.


Accurate Always and Voxida exist to serve our customers pre and post purchase. With an extremely high mean-time between failure, a very long projected life time of each system sold, and contract support issue resolution that's really ahead of the game, Accurate Always aims to increase our client’s return on this investment by keeping the systems operational in the near and long term. In this, Accurate Always also makes it easier for customers to accomplish what they need to accomplish, with minimal upset to their operations.


Voxida call recording systems, used in high-traffic call recording and monitoring environments, support radio, telephone, VoIP, intercom, video and all major PBX interfaces for comprehensive communications convergence. The turnkey systems feature real-time LAN/WAN access, live monitoring, full-time and on-demand recording, granular user permissions, powerful search capabilities and the strongest encryption available to the private- or public- sector. Voxida delivers immediate multi-channel playback for incident reconstruction while simultaneously capturing all vital calls. Voxida’s intuitive interface, user documentation and computer-based training resources ensure its rapid adoption in call centers, military bases, in field operations, mission recording and in other challenging and leading technology initiatives that are presented.





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