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Upcoming Airshow in Half Moon Bay, CA- features beautiful aircraft!

Finally! An airshow that is right in Accurate Always' back yard!

Whip over to Accurate Always and love the aircraft

On April 26th, you can drop in at Accurate Always' pad or meet us at the show to see some incredible aircraft including

  • A6M Zero

  • F-6-F Hellcat

  • Curtis P-40

  • P-51 Mustang

  • YAK-9, piloted by our own, Eddie Andreni

  • Hawker Sea Fury

  • Spartan Executive Model 7W from the '30s/40's

  • D-25 1930's Biplane

  • PT-19

  • There's also a T-6, a T-28 and a T-33 in the midst

  • and a Zepplin Airship.

See more about these craft and the schedule

Still, you may ask yourself "Is seeing some warbirds and aerobats enough to live through monster truck demonstrations?"

Oh, the monster truck bit- did we forget to mention that? Yes, there is great pain coupled with seeing these great beauties. But, that's why there's earplugs and "I'm with Stupid" tee-shirts. If you are feeling brave, call Kate at 650-728-9428 x1 and we'll get the monster trucks ready!


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